Azure service for Atlantic Beach Police Department

Hot off the press this Azure based service from Microsoft ISV is currently delivering some very compelling results for Chief Smith. The IncaX Mobile client works on a variety of cell phones including Windows Phones & provides real time video & situation awareness whilst the Officer is away from the patrol vehicle. There is also a complimentary IncaX netbook / laptop client that acts as the integrated in-car video service.

This is an entirely Microsoft Azure based ‘commercial off the shelf’ solution that has a carrier grade back end and can integrate with a myriad of other enterprise services.

Watch this space for a lot more insight on this rapidly expanding Microsoft Azure service…………


Interview with Total Mobile USA

Blog Interview with Jim O’Hare, VP of Sales, Total Mobile Inc:

Context: Total Mobile were part of a consortium of Microsoft Partners engaged on a recent round of Azure testing with the DOD around an advanced mobile computing platform developed in conjunction with the Office of Naval Research &

Q. Who are Total Mobile?
A. TotalMobile Inc. is a subsidiary of Consilium Technolgoies, headquartered in Belfast Ireland. Consilium has been the market leader in Ireland & the UK for the past twenty-five years. Consilium, a backend provider for the local government entities in the UK. Four years ago, TotalMobile was launched in the UK and launched in the US September 2009. TotalMobile develops line of business mobility solutions for State, local and federal government agencies. TotalMobile’s solution is designed for people who spend time working outside the office. TotalMobile revolutionizes the efficiency of field workers by streamlining the flow of information between workers in the field and management information systems in the office. Using hand-held devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and Tablet PCs. TotalMobile allows field workers to access and update information live from anywhere. TotalMobile allows organizations to increase productivity, respond faster, report accurately, reduce waste and save money.
And a Microsoft Partner for over 10 years. By invitation, a past member of the Windows Developer Advisory Council.

Q. And your ‘First responder’ solutions?
A. TotalMobile recently presented to FEMA through an introduction from AT&T. The requirements were to present a Post event Housing Inspection form available on a Windows Ruggedized device and Tablet. TotalMobile has developed a number of FEMA forms to be used in the case of an Emergency event including but not limited to an Evacuation form, Housing Inspection form and a FEMA Incident Command registration form for First-Responders and those affected by an Event. Customers? Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice and the Arkansas Flu Clinic and the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.

Q. What were your learnings from the recent round of DOD testing?
A. TotalMobile provided an offering to have participants of the DOD testing to be able to summarize events of the Testing.

Q. What were your learnings from working with Microsoft Services?
A. TotalMobile learned that with our Partnership with AT&T that TotalMobile and Microsoft share many common dependencies and we look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship.

Q. What types of Offerings did you showcase at IACP?
A. The Offerings showcased at the IACP show were a Police Incident and Crash reporting form. This offering gained most of the attention during the IACP. Also, TotalMobile demonstrated the previously mentioned FEMA Evacuation Form.

Q. What are the top 2 – 3 benefits you see your solutions delivering into your customers?
A. TotalMobile allows an Entities Back-End system to be Mobilized. Mobilization of a Back-End system allows an increase in productivity as well as to streamline efficiencies. Reduction of the Carbon footprint is an added benefit.

Q. Where can we go to find out more about Total Mobile & the topics we have just discussed?

Windows Phone…..passion recharged

Recently made available internally within Microsoft……..with some very interesting enterprise & public sector applications available that demonstrate the power of the connected Microsoft enterprise stack……more to follow from our customers and Partners in this space…….

Azure – the real deal….

Is Microsoft Azure the real deal……..let’s explore this with some of our current Partners & customers.